Our centre has been operating for more than 75 years. We aim to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for preschool aged children at our centre to begin to grow and develop as learners and as caring, positive people.

Our program is guided by children’s interests, current research and the early years learning and development frameworks. We encourage and support the varying levels of development and maturity in the children by providing flexible, appealing and age appropriate activities.  Through discovery, discussion and interaction, children are encouraged to learn and grow and, above all else, enjoy their time at the centre.

Our staff support and guide the children in the progression from becoming preschool children to school children. We welcome and encourage parents to participate in the preschool activities and learn about childhood development during this process.

sandpitOur outdoor facilities are well shaded and feature a fabulous nature based playground, riding track, sandpit, cubby, swings, slide and crawling and climbing equipment; together with veggie patch and native garden areas. The indoor areas are spacious, and include learning zones for construction, puzzles, home corner activities, fine motor activities, creative projects such as painting and drawing, and group sessions such as story time. Whenever possible we eat our healthy snack and lunch outside under cover, however tables and chairs are provide inside, for use when needed. The children have their own ‘little people’ toilets, may choose a locker for their bags, and we have an optional uniform.

Basic activities such as painting, pasting, drawing, play-dough and blocks are always available. These activities are enhanced and supported by additional art, craft, music, movement, visitors and specific tasks that are based on current interests and abilities. Details of these activites are supplied in the five weekly learning and thinking outline but changes occur as the learning goes in another direction as their interest grows and develops. These are available for parents to view on the noticeboard and parents are always welcome to participate in the program.